Belle Terra Farm


Belle Terra Farm is located in rural Sherman, IL, just north of the capital city of Springfield.  It is owned and operated by Chuck and Linda Holzwarth.  The Holzwarth’s are no strangers to livestock and farming operations.  Both were raised on family farms, caring for livestock throughout their lives, and both learned early on the importance of raising quality stock and providing a superior product to consumers.

All of the beef provided by Belle Terra Farm is from purebred, registered 100% Black Angus stock.  The breeding stock has been carefully selected over the past several years to make sure their offspring are of exceptional quality.  To maintain that quality, the Holzwarth’s raise a limited number of Angus to be sold to their customers.

Each year, a select number of steers are chosen for the beef program.  The steers are raised free range in a pasture environment.  They are nutritionally supplemented with Alfalfa Hay, which is raised chemically free on Belle Terra Farm.  The cattle receive NO growth hormones, steroids or injectable antibiotics.  The cattle are provided with quality grain in the last stages of development to provide excellent marbling and flavor, without adding excessive fat.  The result is a top quality, lean beef with an unsurpassed flavor. Angus beef is naturally lower in saturated fat than many other breeds.  It is also an excellent source of protein, iron and B12 as well as providing up to six times more of the Omega 3 fatty acids than other types of beef.

The beef is processed at a local facility, which carefully ages the beef to superior specifications, and then vacuum seals and freezes each cut.  Each consumer is contacted directly by the processor and invited to make their personal choices for their beef preparation.  Choices will be offered regarding weight, thickness packaging and cuts.  Delivery of the meat can be arranged in advance.
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