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Beef purchased in a grocery store or wholesale meat market which is labeled as “Certified Angus” need only be 51% Black. In other words, the beef marked "Angus" could actually be from any breed of black cattle. Our cattle, however are 100% Angus that have been raised from registered Angus stock.

We raise our beef humanely, free range on our family farm near Sherman, IL.  Our cattle are fed both hay, which is also raised on our farm, & a special corn/protein supplement.  The beef is lean, with a perfect amount of marbling to give it exceptional flavor, and a very limited amount of fat. Our cattle are never given steroids, growth hormones, or any injectable antibiotics.  Most meat sold in grocery stores, however, comes from cattle raised in feed lots. They are often given feed medicated with antibiotics from an early age, since their close confinement causes disease to spread easily.  Cattle for sale to the general public typically can receive estrogen implants and other injectable steroids for quick growth & production. It takes us almost twice as long to raise our beef because we do so without artificial means. Not only is the quality superior, but our beef is also higher in healthy omega 3 fatty acids and free of hormones and antibiotics.

The meat is processed at a local processor in central Illinois. It is aged to perfection, cut to your individual specifications, & vacuum sealed to prevent freezer burn. On many occasions, delivery after processing can be arranged.  To reserve your ½ beef, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required. Availability is guaranteed only after the deposit is received. The balance of your payment will be due when your beef is delivered. Our beef is sold by the hanging weight of each half.  On average, hanging weights for our beef run about 350 to 360 pounds. Some may be a bit smaller, around the 335 pound range, & others may be as large as 375 pounds. Based on an average hanging weight, the “take home weight” after trimming is about 225 to 250 pounds. Much less waste is left on our meat than meat purchased in the grocery store. Because the beef is vacuum sealed, it will safely store in your freezer for 9-12 months.  If you plan to purchase a half a beef, you will need approximately one cubic foot of freezer space for every 30 to 40 pounds of packaged beef. Using our weight averages, an 8-10 cubic foot freezer will easily accommodate half a beef.  Total cost per pound is $5.00 per pound of the hanging weight which includes all processing & slaughtering fees.  On average, ½ beef renders the following percentages….Please remember, this is completely determined by how you choose to have your meat cut. Every ½ will be different for each customer.               

Steaks – 20% (ribs, t-bones, filets, sirloins, flanks, strip & porterhouse)
Roasts – 15% (chuck, arm, sirloin tip)
Round – 10% (eye, top round, bottom round)
Hamburger – 45% (could add round, sirloin or chuck cuts to this for fabulous taste!)
Miscellaneous – 10% (brisket, short ribs, soup bones, liver, etc. May also request dog bones.)

Finally, we sell our beef in halves only. Since we are the farmer, we do not have the facilities or storage to accommodate selling smaller portions.  We do, however, have many customers who share their half with a friend or family member. But as the seller, we will sell only in halves. We look forward to your business! Please see our attached order form.
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